Work Experience

At time of writing, I have worked in a variety of mod teams and non-commercial projects:

No More Room In Hell – ModDBWebsite – Prop Modelling

I have joined as a recent addition to the NMRiH team as a prop modeller; only a few models of mine are in there at current. Watch this space.

[TODO: Find where those computer pictures are; throw them up. Final compile bath set and start on propane tank]

Nightmare House 2 – ModDB, Website – Modelling, Character modification and Rigging
(Second place in the ModDB Mod Of The Year competition, Player’s Choice, 2010)

I primarily served as a modeller, joining somewhat late into the project (a little too late to serve much use as a tester). Some of what I worked on:

  • The Dummies, including making use of the slightly undocumented ‘Internal Flesh’ shader added in Source 2009.
  • The Zombies, which involved taking the Half-Life 2 citizen models and heavily editing them to turn them into zombified patients, janitors, doctors, surgeons and engineers (and that one cook). They were essentially a large scale kitbash; the final zombies had randomised head models and other subobjects (for instance, the patients with arm casts, heads with hats, doctors’ nametags; nearly everything beyond the main body was randomized via bodygroups) and the edits involved heavy topology and texture changes to the point of having to re-rig them entirely.
  • Kitbashing Doctor Romero together (a combination of Dr Kliener with one of the citizen heads) without breaking the existing vertex animations for facial animation. Took more experimentation than anyone quite expected. Blame the glasses.
  • The ‘Daemons’ plus another unused npc ‘Stalker’, which were modelled from scratch to fit the Half Life 2 Fast-Zombie skeleton and animations.
  • Various map props such as the final elevator, the Core and various hospital equipment such as beds, X-ray machines and an MRI scanner.

[TODO: Add texture plates, get proper object screenshots]

Jailbreak: Source – ModDB, Website – Beta Testing, Gameplay Scripting, Environment Modelling, Level Design

Joined pre-0.4 as a tester up until the mod’s final closure, and also developed several custom maps. The ‘King of the Hill’ and ‘Capture The Present’ gamemodes were developed by me, built entirely out of entity I/O logic in the Hammer editor.

[TODO: Upload the latest versions somewhere; also texture plates and custom model shots]

(Level design and construction, 10-20 textures, 3-4 unique map props, gamemode scripting)

(Level design and construction, 2-5 custom textures, gameplay scripting)

JB_CP_Cliffhanger (edited for one of the team member’s birthdays)
(Level design and construction, gameplay scripting, vast majority of in-map models and textures (only somewhere around 10 textures and 2 or 3 props were not made by me)

Star Wars: Imperial Winter – ModDB, Website – Unit Modelling

Stretching back in time quite far (5-6 years ago), I was a unit modeller for the freeware RTS Imperial Winter, set in the Star Wars universe and built on the Spring engine, building the majority of the vehicles for the Rebel faction. I only did the models; textures were made by another team member.


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