[TODO: add the html code for internal page links. Damnit RTE]

  • Level Design
  • 2D Art and Animation
  • Gameplay Scripting
  • Environmental Art
  • Character Art
  • Vehicle Art
  • Concept Art

Level Design

Source Engine

‘Enter The Dave’ – a small secret level for Nightmare House 2

JB_KOTH_Thrones – Jailbreak Source’s first King Of The Hill map


JB_KOTH_Shrinehold – another small-scale King Of The Hill map for Jailbreak: Source

Unreal Development Kit


2D Art and Animation

[Knights assignment]

[That 2D platformer thing]

[Pixel Art stuff?]

Gameplay Scripting


[Unity Webplayer Demos here]


Custom gamemodes implemented using Hammer I/O logic for Jailbreak: Source:
King of the Hill (JB_KOTH_) – Players fight to control the ‘Hill’ and lock down the other team’s jail.

[Wasn’t there a trailer for this?]

Capture The Present (JB_CP_) – Whoever carries the present keeps their jail open! Capture the present!

[Record a video?]

UDK / Mirror’s Edge Community Editor

‘Bag Run’ custom game mode implemented in Kismet using the Mirror’s Edge unofficial community editor.

[Need to track down the trailer for that]

Environment Art

Environment – Hotel Atlantis

Props – No More Room In Hell

[Need to Propgarden]

Props – Nightmare House 2

[Need to Propgarden]

Character Art

‘GET OFF MY LAWN’ – UDK rigged low-poly fighting game character

[Need to find the files…]

Nightmare House 2 – Original rigged characters (model hacks not included)

[Fast zombie replacement… would the dummies count?]

Vehicle Art

Victorian Train

[Needs external pictures]

Post Apocalyptic Bus

[Currently incomplete]

Concept Art

The Hunted

[Needs Thumbnails]


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