Contact / About Me

Christopher Mark Jones, UK
Phone: 07972449727
122 Mayfield Road
Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire

A UK-based third year Games Art student studying at the University of Bolton. Having broken my teeth on the freeware RTS Spring and Valve’s Source engines for several years, I am currently working in both UDK and Unity3d. Though on a Games Art course, I also focus on scripting and game / level design. As part of my course, and for my non-commercial work, I have used 3ds Max and Photoshop.

Mostly because I cannot afford to pay off Autodesk and Adobe whilst still being able to eat, I use entirely freeware / low cost software in my games creation. At time of writing:

  • Blender for organic modelling, rigging, animation and texture painting.
  • Wings3d for inorganic modelling and most uving tasks.
  • Combination of GIMP, Paint.NET, ArtWeaver and Inkscape for texturing; I find each one to be suited to various tasks, so I’m often jumping about between them.
  • Crazybump and Z-Brush for normalmaps and (in ZBrush’s case) texture painting and sculpting.*
  • Unity3D is generally my go-to game engine.

I have additional experience in working with the Source, UDK and GameMaker (to my eternal regret) engines, and have also modelled and textured with 3dsMax, Mudbox and Photoshop for non-commercial projects (namely University assignments and mod-team work). For commercial work however I feel I cannot justify the investment in full licenses for their software.

I also have experience in shader creation using Cg, Shaderlab and the UDK Material editor. Guess which one came first.

*(I am aware Z-Brush is not exactly cheap but I was young and stupid enough to buy a license that one time so I might as well use it.)


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